Debian Floppies

floppy disks color I recommend booting the debian-installer from a CD or USB-stick, but if floppies are your only option, download and write each of these 1.44MB floppy disk images:
1) boot.img
2) root.img
3) net-drivers-1.img
3) net-drivers-2.img

The method for writing the image file onto a floppy depends on your OS:

Floppy disks are one of the least reliable media around, so be prepared for multiple bad disks. It's a good idea to compare (with cmp) the written floppy disk with the image file. If cmp finds a difference, throw that floppy away and try another one. Label your floppies.

Boot from the boot.img floppy disk.     At the boot: prompt, just hit <Enter>

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