Linux on the Toshiba 460CDX

toshiba logo Installing Slackware 8.1 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 460 CDX laptop computer went well. Unfortunately, when I tried to use APM, I ran into a problem that I could not find documented anywhere.

Running apm -s from an rxvt inside of XFree86 caused the computer to suspend, but it would not resume. Using the power switch, the computer came up with an error message: "BIOS Damaged", and it would not boot from the hard disk. I had to boot from a floppy and flash the BIOS to get the computer working again.

Running apm -s from the console did not create this bios damage, the machine suspended and resumed fine. I never did find out the cause of this problem with APM. I simlpy set the "HDD spin down" and "display off" times in the BIOS, and removed the APM module from my kernel.

I no longer have this computer, so I can't do any furtner testing, and I've also switched to Debian.

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